True Worshipers

Study Guide: True Worshipers
True Worshipers at Pathway
    Worshiping God is one of the most intimate experiences Christians can have with God. No words can do justice to explain the depth of this profound spiritual experience, but allow me to try. On the one hand, we may sense a “spiritual oneness” with this amazing, awesome, majestic, holy, gracious, loving, and merciful God. At times, we may feel overwhelmed with love and joy, a peace beyond comprehension, or a deep sense of gratitude towards God for saving us from our sins. None of these experiences are possible without the Spirit of God.  
     Sometimes, we may feel empowered—a spirit-filled “energy boost” while proclaiming, singing, and praising God with our words. This same Spirit also empowers and fills us with moments of awe and thankfulness in the quietness of our hearts. Because the Spirit convicts us of our sins, we should expect Him to also move us to feelings of brokenness and a desire for confession and repentance during worship.    
     We are called to worship as a spiritual community of Christ-followers. As the gathered church, we don’t worship God apart from our brother and sisters. While our attention is focused on the Father, Son, and Spirit (and rightfully so!) worship also includes edifying and encouraging those sitting and standing around us, people we pass in the hallways, and anyone God brings into your presence. So worship includes welcoming, smiling, hugging, listening, crying, and praying. 

True Worshipers Sermon Series
   (Based on the book by Bob Kauflin)

9/17: Week 1
True Worshipers Matter:
   Worship and Reality. John 4:7-26

9/24: Week 2
True Worshipers Receive:
   Worship and Our Inability. 1 Corinthians 4:6-7

10/1: Week 3
True Worshipers Exalt:
   Worship and Humility. Psalm 34:1-22

10/8: Week 4
True Worshipers Gather and Edify: 
   Worship and Community. Hebrews 10:19-25
   Worship and Maturity1 Corinthians 14:26-33

10/15: Week 5
True Worshiper Sing:
   Worship and Music. Colossians 3:12-17

10/22: Week 6
True Worshipers Keep Singing:
   Worship and Perseverance. Psalm 71:1-24

10/29: Week 7
True Worshipers Encounter:
   Worship and the Presence of God. Romans 8:12-17

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