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Below you will find an archive of Pathway message series' study guides. If you are looking for audio recordings of messages, please visit our online message archive.

Series: God is With Us

Immanuel, God is with us! These are words that we say around Christmas every year, but did you know they were words that came hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus in the prophecies of Isaiah? He also wrote about Jesus as the Sacrifice, the King, and the Suffering Servant. All of these roles give us insight into why Jesus needed to be born. Join us for this December series as we study Christmas through the eyes of Isaiah.

Series: What is God Like?

Sometimes it feels like life is spiraling out of control. What is God doing anyways? Is He in control? Can God provide a way forward out of our mess? Is He really a good Father? We encourage the Pathway community to join us for three weeks to learn and experience more about “What is God Like?” (When Life Seems out of Control)

Series: True Worshipers

Worshiping God is one of the most intimate experiences Christians can have with God. No words can do justice to explain the depth of this profound spiritual experience, but allow me to try. On the one hand, we may sense a “spiritual oneness” with this amazing, awesome, majestic, holy, gracious, loving, and merciful God. At times, we may feel overwhelmed with love and joy, a peace beyond comprehension, or a deep sense of gratitude towards God for saving us from our sins. None of these experiences are possible without the Spirit of God.  

Series: Pray Like a Child

By taking Jesus’ command to “receive the kingdom of God like a child” and applying it to our prayer life we will grow our intimacy with God, our spiritual Father. We will explore ways to express ourselves to Him that He desires and longs for. We will find encouragement to pray more and remove the barriers that may be keeping us from a deeper relationship with our God.
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